The implementation of the Federal Clean Air act has made ethanol fuels an important domestic renewable fuel additive. The principal purchasers of ethanol are generally wholesale gasoline marketers or blenders. The principal markets for the ethanol produced at Badger State Ethanol are petroleum terminals in Wisconsin, Illinois and the Upper Midwest.

Ethanol is ethyl alcohol—the same alcohol found in beer, wine and whiskey. For this reason the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms closely monitors all ethanol production facilities. Most ethanol is used in its primary form for blending with unleaded gasoline and other fuel products, being utilized as:

  • An octane enhancer in fuels;
  • An oxygenated fuel additive that can significantly reduce carbon monoxide emissions from vehicles; and
  • A non-petroleum-based gasoline extender

Today’s ethanol contribution to America’s fuel supply is significant. (learn more)


Ethanol Specifications:

Quality Control is Important at Badger State Ethanol

Badger State Ethanol has a very stringent QA/QC program for all ethanol produced. Every gallon of ethanol produced at Badger State Ethanol must pass ASTM designation D 4806-01a; “Standard Specification for Denatured Fuel Ethanol for Blending with Gasolines for Use as Automotive Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel”. To assure our ethanol passes all of these requirements we monitor the process very closely, taking alcohol samples every 2 hours during production. At the end of every production day a non denatured composite sample is taken and tested. Once quality is confirmed, it is mixed with denaturant and sent to our finished fuel ethanol storage. Before the product is allowed to be sold it goes through a final analysis which provides the data needed to generate the Certificate of Analysis. The finished Certificate of Analysis has all of the following data included; Visual Appearance, Apparent Proof, Water Content, Acidity, Specific Gravity, Sample Temperature, and pHe. Additionally, Badger State Ethanol sends out monthly samples to an independent laboratory for all of the above tests plus the following; Ethanol volume percent, methanol content, solvent-washed gum, denaturant content, inorganic chloride content, copper content, and sulfur content.