Stand Up for Rural America Today!

The EPA recently issued unwarranted RFS small refinery “hardship” waivers to a considerable number of oil refiners that are neither small nor experiencing the economic hardship that is necessary to qualify for a waiver. Last week, Growth Energy sent a letter to EPA Administrator Pruitt outlining the significant issues with this approach, and asked that EPA immediately cease issuing small refinery waivers and pause any waiver applications currently being considered pending a full, transparent review and public comment process. Now we need you to add your voice to the discussion and tell your lawmakers to hold the EPA accountable for its actions.

We need your voice, and ask that you reach out to your elected officials to let them know that the manner in which the EPA is administering these waivers is unreasonable, disingenuous, and significantly jeopardizes rural America. Use the Growth Energy action center today to ask your lawmakers to share their concerns with the EPA and put a stop to oil refiner handouts. The action center will allow you to contact your elected officials with just a few keystrokes and clicks, and should only take a minute! Once you’ve participated, please share the link with your personal and professional networks.


Take Action Today!


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